About Us

East Eat Exim is well establish company, operating as one of the division of Commodities and meat trading, which is responsible to develop sales worldwide. The Company, although only a decade old, is today a name to reckon with in Trading of Agro/Meat globally. East Eat Exim trading basket includes Rice, Wheat, Wheat- flour, Sugar, Maize, Soya meal, and Beans in addition to Meat & canned fish among other things. The strength of the company lies in the fact that it has procurement capabilities in all corners of the world and not restricted just to Pakistan. The company has maintained long and sustained relationships with its clients across Far-East Asian region, South America, Africa and the Middle East due to its quality products and efficient service.

Mission and Vision
Faisal M. Hussain
HK Director
Honesty is the first step of our cooperation. Therefore, on behalf of our company, I sincerely thank you for your trust in Dong Leng and choosing to cooperate with Dong Leng. In business competition, there is no absolute fairness. As the general manager of the company, I believe that through our accumulated efforts, we strive to maintain fair competition and adhere to professional standards in this industry. Food safety makes us the first important thing to do. As the new crown epidemic rages across the world in 2019, ensuring food safety will be our company's primary obligation to customers.

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